Sunday, November 14, 2010

The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance - Book Review

My mother-in-law keeps a basket full of magazines in the guest bathroom at her house. When I'm there, I have two choices--The Ensign or People. I can read The Ensign at my house so I usually pull out the latest copy of People when I've locked myself in the bathroom for a few minutes. It's just one of my little guilty pleasures.

The older I get and with the lack of regular television, I find that I really care less and less about most of the people featured in People Magazine so more and more I just read the book reviews. Last year, I read a book review for The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance. The review was positive. The title was catchy. I'm a sucker for long, unique book titles. I probably won't remember them exactly but they do intrigue me. And of course, I was curious about "Mormon" in the title, since I am one.

A few weeks ago, at church, I mentioned the book to a friend. She went right out to Barnes and Noble and bought it (she buys new books--who does that?). Even though she has a Kindle, she bought the real paper book version so that she could loan it to me when she was finished. I read it this weekend.

Elna Baker, the author and I are both Mormons but the similarities pretty much end there. I'm married. She's single. She lives in New York. I live in Utah and have spent one single day in New York City. She's genuinely funny and spontaneous. She likes pretty clothes and going out on the town with fascinating people. My husband claims that my sense-of-humor is dying. I live in my robe and I spend most days at home with my kids.

I found Elna's memoir of trying to live as a Mormon while single in New York City very funny and very refreshing. Elna is funny. She sees all the possibilities in life. She gets herself in crazy situations. I laughed out loud a few times. (I could have typed LOL and it actually would have been applicable. Are people really actually laughing out loud every time they type that? Just wondering.) I read the first section to Utah Dad who thought she was funny too even though he told me to be quiet so that he could read his own book.

I did all the things that Elna accuses young Mormon women of doing--getting married by 21, settling in Utah and having a bunch of kids, but I think that anyone who dated at all can at least relate to the ups and downs of her world. Elna is open and honest and writes about just about anything--her faith, her weight-loss, her sexuality--and it's a fun ride. Like my friend said (also a married mother) "I want her to be my new best friend."

The book is not exactly squeaky clean and you might not want to mention this book to just any friend at church. Just saying.

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Kerri said...

I want to read it... Next week when I have a couple of days off. This is my type of reading:))