Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm Thankful For . . .

I'm starting to feel like a human again today so I've been working on pictures from one of my weekend sessions. I've had a little "helper". Molly pulls another chair over to my computer desk and stands on the chair next to me while I work. Only occasionally does she try to grab the mouse or push the button that locks my computer. If there are typos in this text, I blame them on her. I was tempted to leave them, but I'm afraid the entire thing would be illegible. Her naughty laugh is quite cute though.

Molly is growing up so quickly lately and it's really breaking my heart. I love to watch her discover new things and fight for her independence. Man, his kid is strong willed--in scarier moments I've been experiencing some deja vu from Amberly's crazy toddler years. Even though I think I've hid all the markers she manages to find them. Her artwork now decorates numerous walls, Lilly's bed and the boys' dresser. She is always sticky.

Molly loves her baby doll, her lamb and playing with/bugging her older siblings. She loves to anywhere. If I even mention leaving, she'll meet me at the door with her shoes in her hands. "Go!" she says. She loves to take baths which is a good thing because she requires one nearly every day. She loves all food. The other kids laugh because she will eat anything. When we have ice cream, she quickly devours her own and then moves from person to person begging additional bites. Don't leave the table if you're not done eating because Molly will confiscate your food and eat it before you get back.

I love that she sings along to the radio in the car. I love that she gives big hugs and kisses. I love that she calls for her daddy if she wakes up in the middle of the night. I love that she will still cuddle with me for a few minutes. I just love her.

I snapped this picture of her this morning just after her bath while she was still clean. Now she has some sticky sweet cinnamon roll residue on her cheeks and pink marker scribbles on her shirt.

Today, I am very very thankful for my littlest baby girl -- Molly.


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She is so sweet and it sounds like she'll keep you quite busy! I know how that feels. I watch other people's kids that are so calm and mellow and wonder how you can order one of those... LOL (and one's that sleep in while we ordering!)