Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Thankful For . . .

Now that Halloween is out of the way, we can focus on my favorite holiday of the year. I love Thanksgiving.  I love the food. I love hanging out with my family. I love the chill in the air. And I really do love the reminder to be grateful.

President Gordon B. Hinckley's writes in his book Way to Be!:

Your very attitude toward life can be evidence of whether or not you are truly grateful for life, for the blessings you have, for the comforts and privileges and opportunities you enjoy, for the talents you have been given, for everything.

Let a spirit of thanksgiving guide and bless your days and nights. Work at it. You will find that it will yield wonderful results (p.21).
So, this month, I'm going to make an extra effort to be thankful--for the usual and maybe even the not so obvious. I had intended to do a daily post during the month of November highlighting something that I am truly thankful for. I missed a day but I'll start it today anyway.

Today I am especially thankful for the freedoms and blessings of being a citizen of and living in the United States of America and I am grateful that I could exercise my right to vote today. I hope you did too.

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