Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Thankful For . . .

It's been nine weeks since Thomas started preschool, which means that it was my turn to teach the little rascals at my house again. There are seven boys and one girl in our preschool. Each one is adorable and rowdy

Tuesday morning the children descended on my house. The front area was littered with muddy shoes, jackets and kids backpacks. They gathered on the couch and resisted the urge to jump. We were learning the letter "R" this week so we talked about rats (they're mostly boys, after all). We even made rats out of paper, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. We were also learning about triangles. For snacks we ate Ritz crackers, Red Vines and drank root beer.

Today we learned about rhyming words and the colors of the rainbow. We mixed colors using water and food coloring so that the kids could see how red and yellow make orange.

I'm thankful that Thomas can participate in this preschool. Thomas LOVES it. I'm grateful that he has good friends. And I'm very thankful that I only have to teach the kids every nine weeks.

I'm especially thankful for Thomas, who is sweet and cuddly. He makes me laugh all the time. Sunday morning while I was combing his hair, he watched himself in the mirror and said: "I look like I did when I was a kid."