Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Thankful For . . .

The clock on the microwave said 1:23 this morning when I busted through the front door (the door knob is broken so you really have to push hard with your knee to get the door to open). Surprisingly, I didn't wake anyone up. After checking my email, Facebook and taking out my contacts, I climbed into bed next to snoring Utah Dad, who rolled over and mumbled, "Good grief. What time is it?" before immediately falling back asleep. He is used to it, after all.

As soon as I laid down, my head filled up with this lovely head cold and I spent the night coughing, sniffling and not sleeping. I couldn't stop thinking about the really great women that I get to visit with each month at Book Club. I've known and loved some of them for a few years now but others have just started coming or recently moved into our neighborhood and I'm enjoying getting to know them better too. (Every woman in our neighborhood is welcome, by the way. The more the merrier.)

It's a great place. Book Club. I really feel like it's a judgement free place. The women don't care if I refuse to iron my husband's shirts. They really don't. We can open up and be ourselves, which I believe is a very rare situation regarding groups of women. Sometimes we share more personal information and that's safe too. We respect each other. We're opinionated but certainly don't mean to offend. We discuss our worries about motherhood, extended families and the world. Together we've analyzed every aspect of our local school/principal/teachers/classmates/activities. We're strangely intrigued/disgusted by polygamists. I usually have at least one political tantrum. They smile at me and nod their heads to placate me and wait for it to pass. They know me, after all. 

We might not actually talk about the book we've read that month. But we will talk about books. We all read for different reasons and we like various types of books. We do all love books.

We eat. Every woman there can make a wicked good cookie.

And we just talk and talk. One night at midnight we got up to leave and go to our homes. We stood for another hour at the door as we continued the conversation. In the morning, I usually have a serious head ache that we've lovingly begun to refer to as our "Book Club Hangover". But it's worth it. I'm already looking forward to next month.

Today, even though I'm sleep-deprived and stuffy headed, I am thankful for Book Club. 


Rheanna said...

Me too!! Justin and I were talking about book club today and I just love the friendships! I really did miss it when i couldn't go! By the way, did you discuss the book a bunch before I got there? Just wondered :o) I like my Book Club Hangover-and the name, it makes me laugh! I'm still tired! I'm also glad I'm not the only one that goes home, checks email, etc. then goes to bed, no matter what the hour! :o) I'm excited for next month too!

Annika said... club. I look forward to it each month, regardless of the hangover! (My kids will probably disagree though) It is always such an engaging time, and we cover a phenominal number of topics! But yes, books is always on the list. Books, books, books, and one day I will get my library ladder and I'll be excited to show it to my book club ladies the most!

Jandi said...

I went to BN today and saw one of the books that someone mentioned last night (The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance) and immediately snatched it up. I decided not to get the eBook incase some wants to borrow it! I also picked up the Sisters Grimm book for Lorelei.
I hope next month I can stay long enough to have a true book club hangover instead of my sinus headache. It just isn't as cool.

wyattjenae said...

Speaking of uncool, Sorry I missed everyone and I am glad to hear you had a fun turn out. Did we pick a book for next month?

Kerri said...

So I was there in spirit. In my cabin awake... only 100 miles away...;(

Ammon and Jen said...

Oh, I miss you guys! It's been a bit rough being in our new place and I wish I could come join you! Eat a wicked good cookie for me and tell everyone "hi".