Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lecturing Elna

Last night while I was driving home from the grocery store I was thinking more about the book I had just finished--The New York Regional Singles Mormon Halloween Dance by Elna Baker. I often spend a lot of time pondering what I read in the days and weeks following and occasionally even change my mind about whether or not I like the book. I reviewed it the other day and I did enjoy it.

After the kids were in bed last night, my little teenager friend stopped by to have me proof read her high school English paper. While we were visiting, Utah Dad mentioned the book and I realized right then that I would not want my young friend to read it.

I stand by my earlier statement that Elna would make a great friend. I would really enjoy being friends with her. I know we'd have a great time hanging out.

However, if I was Elna's mother, (fortunately I am not nearly old enough to be her mother) I would have to sit her down for a little lecture. I'm sure she'd just roll her eyes and make fun of it in her next book or comedy routine. But because mothers are immune to the eye roll, I would continue. At the risk of sounding prudish this is just a brief summary of how the lecture would go:

I know you're an adult. You make your own choices and I really respect that.
Besides the swearing--which blah blah blah, you already know--you are a little too preoccupied with sex. Actually, a lot too occupied with sex. I'm sure that at twenty and single, I too was too preoccupied by sex (the thought of it). I was also very naive and didn't know half of what you just mentioned in the book regarding sex. OK, to be honest, at 35 (I am too young to be your mother) and married for 14 years I still didn't know about a quarter of what you wrote about. Now, granted I live in Utah and you live in New York City. I understand that we are in very different worlds. And if I was still single at 28, I might have been even more preoccupied with it but it seems to me that you are missing the point.

Really, really missing the point.

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Kerri said...

sounds good... Okay I just need another easy few hour no thinking read next week. not usually your style.