Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Thankful For . . .

Today was our Primary Program in Sacrament Meeting. The three older children were sitting on the stand, so Utah Dad and I chose a small side pew to sit on with the little girls. We had great views of Neal and Thomas so that we could see them sing and give them the occasional reminders to be quiet. Amberly was positioned right behind the organ so we could only see her when she stuck her head up and waved a few times.

There have been years when the Primary Program brought tears to my eyes and when I first sat down I realized my mistake in not preparing with a few tissues. You know there's nothing more precious than hearing your children sing about Jesus. Turns out, I didn't need tissues this year.

Thomas had the wiggles. The serious wiggles. He got out of his seat a dozen times. In fact, the only time he actually sat in his seat was when the rest of the children were standing and singing. Half way through the program, he knocked the girl behind him with his chair and was sent back into the audience to sit with us. He burst into tears and was removed to the hallway. His teacher, who is the most patient man on the planet, retrieved Thomas from the clutches of his angry father in time to say his part.

Neal had an unusual burst of dramatics during the song where all the darling children sang and did sign language. I don't know what Neal was doing--some form of demented miming. Just plain weird.

Amberly had been upset all morning because she hasn't had a speaking part in the program for three years in a row. We explained that if every child had a part, we would be sitting there for a week. But then, she had a part. I almost missed her. I glanced up from wrestling with Lilly and Amberly was standing at the podium saying a small line. I nudged Utah Dad who was glaring at Neal but he didn't look in time.

Meanwhile, Molly got her head stuck between the wall and the pew and started screaming. I got her out but she was still rather traumatized and Lilly was angry that she wasn't old enough to talk in the microphone.

Neal and Thomas got to spend an hour after church sitting on the couch while folding their arms and listening to Utah Dad read McConkie. Hopefully, they'll remember that next year.

I am thankful for the Primary leaders and teachers who put up with my crazy children each and every Sunday. You really are amazing. Here's to you!


mandy said...

Sounds like a fun Sunday!

Catey said...

I already mentioned it on fb, but seriously, Thomas was one of our favorite parts of today! I know it can be so frustrating when it's your child (we've been there almost every year), but please know that he brought a smile to many faces today! :) so sorry to hear about the head incident, poor thing! But man, if there is ever a day you will look back at and laugh, this is it!

Heather said...

Somehow I missed all that, but it's a great story. I am glad it was a memorable experience for you!

Jinky said...

I'm thankful for them too! Yesterday my 7yo son did the dishes cuz he was encouraged to do a random act of secret I was served by Tom the Service Turkey! How precious.

Rachel said...

First, I am loving the "thankful" posts.

This year my oldest child is a deacon. It was the first year since he was a sunbeam that I was not actively engaged in "putting on" the Primary program. I watched from the pews. I had a pang of panic as the children moved to the podium after the sacrament: I had to whisper to myself, out loud, "I am not in charge of this program," and "Everything is going to be fine." It was a very strange moment.

And it was the most, *MOST* enjoyable program I've sat through in the last nine years. I loved it. I want to go to a Primary program every week.

The program is one of my favorite things about being Mormon, chaos, confusion and all. Thanks for recording yours in such careful detail. Lovely.