Saturday, November 20, 2010


I see my brother Wes all the time. But it's not really him.

One time I was waiting for a connecting flight in the Newark, NJ airport. My brother was sitting just two rows over waiting by himself. "What in the world was he doing in Newark, New Jersey?" I wondered. He was living in Utah at the time. I got up to go talk to him. Just as I was about to call his name, I realized it wasn't actually him. I noticed that the New Jersey version had a tattoo on his arm. Other than the tattoo, he could have been a twin.

I saw Wes in the parking lot of Costco today. I did a double take because he doesn't live nearby. He was with his wife and they were loading their boys into their car. I started to walk over to say hello and ask him why he was in town and hadn't come to visit me. Then the wife looked up and I saw that it wasn't really Kristina. This random woman sure looked like her. And the kids sure looked like my nephews. And the dad sure looked like my brother. It was an entire double family.

In similar news, a woman approached me in Costco today. She knew my maiden name. She was in my ward while my dad was bishop. I was a teenager. I had absolutely no idea who she was. She told me her name and I did remember her. She was friends with my younger brother Nate. She is a twin and now I can't remember which twin.

I was surprised that she recognized me. The good news would be that maybe I haven't changed that much since high school. The other not-as-pleasant but more likely possibility is that I just look a lot like my dad.

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Candleman said...

So Wes not only has a Doppelganger, but also a Dreifelganger. Holy Cow!