Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yellow Lab - Review and Give-away

A year ago, Utah Dad decided he wanted a dog. Really!? I was shocked. He and the kids kept working on me and in April we got a beagle puppy. That nine day experience was very emotional. We were all devastated to lose our sweet little puppy and the following week we adopted a yellow lab puppy.

To be honest, when I contemplated owning a dog it was always a yellow lab. I raised a yellow lab puppy to be a Guide Dog when I was a teenager. My family's favorite dog was Pete a giant yellow lab. I didn't believe we would have a dog at all for many years. Part of our pre-nup said that we wouldn't have a dog unless we had at least three acres of land. Since our yard is not even a third of an acre, I figured a dog wasn't really in the cards for many years. But when my family started working on me last year, obviously the first dog I would think of was a yellow lab.

Summer is a beautiful yellow lab. She's sweet and playful. She loves to run. We started out training her to live in the house but by autumn she lived outside all the time (we do let her sleep in her crate in the garage on the very cold nights). My house was simply too small for such a big dog.

Summer needs a lot of attention--time I don't always have with so many little kids. She knocks Lilly down every single time we go out to play with her. She barks. The neighbors complain. We got a bark collar and we get paranoid every time she lets out a squeak. She ate her house. Well, really just the front of her house but it's not very good at protecting her from the elements. She likes to climb up on top of the house, look over the fence and bark at the people running by. She does puppy things. She's bored and my children are overwhelmed by her size and exuberance.

Utah Dad discovered that--guess what--he really doesn't like dogs. And as I predicted, I am the one cleaning up the poop off the yard.

This picture was taken last summer, so she's bigger than that now. A LOT bigger.

So, here's the deal. We're trying to give her away to a good home--to owners who will love her and have time to play with her and train her.
If you're interested just leave a comment.
One random winner will be the new owner of a beautiful, already-spade and vaccinated yellow lab puppy/dog (she'll be one year old in March).

Obviously, you shouldn't leave a comment unless you are serious. I won't ship her any where so you'll have to come and get her if you win. She really just wants to be loved.

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kanewoman said...

Ha ha zero comments! I wonder if anyone will enter this contest. I will check with Heather and Den to see if they want another dog, but I really think they are maxed out at 2 black labs. Good luck!