Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pet Peeve #74 - Efficient Doctors' Offices

One of my favorite things about having an appointment at the doctor's office (Jiffy Lube works too) is the wait*. Seriously. There is really nothing better than finding a comfortable seat in the back of the quiet waiting room, pulling out the good book that I carry in my purse (there is always one in there--I've even been known to take one to a funeral, you know, just in case it gets boring . . . ) and getting in some good reading time free of the distractions from my children.

So, it's my pet peeve when the office is running so efficiently that they call me right in. I didn't even get to read a paragraph. I even arrived twenty minutes early to give myself an extra long, luxurious wait and they called me right back. I mean, come on!

*Of course, this entire situation and opinion is null and void if my children are actually with me during the wait.

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Rheanna said...

I had that happen to me this week too! It is quite frustrating when you bring a book and expect to get into it and because they are actually on the ball that relaxing and reading. I'm glad I'm not the only one that plans for that!