Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Baby - Review

There is not a mother alive that wouldn't give just about anything to have a happy baby. Seriously. I can't (and they don't) guarantee that the baby food from HappyBaby will make your baby happy, but it certainly won't hurt.

Molly doesn't really eat baby food any more. She's almost two years old and has been eating the same meals that the rest of the family eats for quite awhile now.  However, when we received the sample of the HappyBaby HappyMelts, organic yogurt snacks, I gave them to her and she devoured them. Now, to be honest, Molly will devour most anything, but she really seemed to especially enjoy these.

I liked that the HappyMelts melt in her mouth. Inspired by my mother-in-law, I've always had the fear of my toddler choking while eating and have been known to cut the food into the tiniest pieces. These 100% organic snacks just melt away in the baby's mouth. They're not sticky which means they're also easy to clean up. And they're high in protein and have added calcium and Vitamin D. Much better than a handful of sugar cereal. The packaging is light weight and if I still carried a diaper bag, I'd keep some of the HappyMelts in it.

Happy Baby is known for the 100% organic food for your baby and for their commitment to high quality.

I received a free sample from HappyBaby but this review is my honest opinion and I received no additional compensation for it.

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