Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Pictures

I realized that it has been weeks since I have taken pictures of anything (with the exception of my wrapped foot). This is pretty unusual for me. But really who wants to take pictures of the kids in their jammies with uncombed hair and dirty faces and boogers in their noses? I know it's getting bad when I go to get Molly dressed and she protests: "No. Want jammies!"

And the mess? Oh! The mess. They are required to clean up each evening before bedtime. I give the little people guilt trips. Would they want their mom to come in at night to check on them and trip over a Lego, Barbie doll, or Matchbox car and die? I lay it on thick.

But during the day, I've been pretty lenient lately. They can get out all the toys and make the biggest messes possible. The little three generally play very nicely together. There are just two rules:

1. No toys downstairs. None. Not one.
2. And give Mommy just a few minutes to blog, read or sleep.

Easy! And worth it.

But really, I think this is the last day. I'm feeling better from my cold. I've got my old-lady support hose stockings so I can wear my own shoes now. I'm ready to clean up, get out of the house and take some pictures of my children actually looking cute. As opposed to this:


Natasha said...

I feel your pain! I am a mother to four beautiful children! I tore my acl trying to catch my two year old from falling down a flight of stairs. I was out of commission for two weeks and wow how my house and childrens looks were so effected by it. When mommy goes down, the whole house goes down.

GrumpyGratefulMom said...

I need to start requiring my children to clean up, but lately it takes too much energy--I've have gotten lazy about getting after them and they have gotten lazy about cleaning up. Your kids are still super cute, even with the messy faces:) Janae

Ammon and Jen said...

Love it! I hate reading those blogs where every dinner is gourmet yet healthy, their children are exceptionally smart, the mom is Mrs. America who has cute clothes a cute house, and is exceptionally talented. When things do go occasionally wrong, mom is laughingly fixing the problem. Hello!! Thanks for a dose of real life.