Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer -- "Our" Dog

Summer, in May 2010:
Summer, July 2010:

I haven't written much about Summer, our yellow lab puppy, because in spite of being the cutest puppy on the planet we haven't been exactly sure how much we like her. We love her. We just don't always like her.

We love that she cuddles. We don't like that she sometimes nips at us.
We love that she'll play fetch. We don't like that she digs holes in the yard.
We love that she's always happy to see us.
We don't like that she's so excited that she regularly knocks Lilly flat.
We love that she doesn't do her business in the house. We don't like that she does it all over the yard.
We love to take her on walks. We don't like that she is either pulling us or we're pulling her.

You get the picture. She's still a work in progress.

Today we had her spayed at the local veterinarian clinic (poor thing). We just spent a lot of money on her, which means we've just made another commitment to her. I think she'll be part of the family for awhile.

P.S. Don't believe Utah Dad if and when he tells you how much he dislikes her. He's really quite smitten.


Jandi said...

I seem to always have a love/hate relationship with dogs. One dog I had used to pee on my feet (from excitement) when I arrived home after school. Wouldn't be especially cute for a spaniel, really wasn't cute for a German shepherd. I started going barefoot and stayed near the hose. Problem solved.

Marie said...

Summer is a cutie! Your beautiful kids + Summer= photo op. gold.

Kerri said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Utah dad is always trying to give her away but i don't believe him either:)