Friday, August 6, 2010

The Bed Shell

Coming Soon:

A New Invention from Thomas Ideas Inc.

The Bed Shell

You wear it on your back (like a turtle shell) and you carry it with you all day wherever you go.

Then, if and when you get tired, you can just lay right down and take a nap.
Anywhere. Any time.
Oh, and it helps if you just wear your pajamas all day.

That's my type of invention.


Rheanna said...

Not sure how I'd actually feel about this. Convenient, yes, but comfortable....maybe not :o)

Booklogged said...

As long as he feels comfortable and will sleep...

So cute!

Hey, have you heard of the Utah Bloggers Picnic coming up on Aug 28?

Booklogged said...

I should have left a link to the blog that tells about the Social. She's done one for a few years now but we've never been. Are thinking about going this year. She tells about them and they always sound so fun. There are other bloggers, authors, publishers, etc. who attend.

Natasha's blog is <a href=">Maw Books</a>.

Booklogged said...

Whoops - I hit the wrong key in that html. Anyway here's the link

Jen said...

Genius! I always want to lay down and take a nap, but I don't have that soft shell! That's what is missing :) How cute!