Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The First Day of School

Even in the summer, I regularly put my kids to bed by eight o'clock. I like a routine and I love early bedtimes. Since it was the night before the first day of school, we had our devotional at seven; the kids were in bed by seven thirty and then we turned their reading lights off at eight.

I swear, it was like Christmas Eve. Every half hour until midnight Neal or Amberly would come out of their bedrooms to tell us that they just couldn't sleep. I'm sure the insomnia was caused by a mixture of excitement and nerves, but they were driving me crazy.

Utah Dad and I set the alarm clock for the first time in months. Waking up before eight is going to take some adjustments for us.

I have mixed emotions about the first day of school. It's exciting to send the kids back. They have new classes, new teachers, new friends, new opportunities to learn and grow. They have a fresh start. I loved school as a kid and I can't help share their enthusiasm. Thomas will enjoy being the oldest around the house during the day again. He liked playing with the older kids for awhile but lately being bossed around seems to be wearing thin. I'm looking forward to a routine again.

At the same time, we've had a great summer. I do enjoy having the kids around all day and being able to go play whenever we want to. And as much as I like the routine, I also loved the free and fun nature of being able to stay and visit with friends and family late into the night if we wanted to.

Anyway, Neal and Amberly started school this morning. Utah Dad took Thomas and Lilly with him when he drove Neal to his school. We promised Neal that we wouldn't make him do a carpool this year. I'm sure I will regret that decision at some point. I can hardly believe he's a big fifth grader. Mary and I walked Amberly to her school this morning. She's going to be in a second/third grade split class and she was so excited to find that many of her friends from the neighborhood are in her class. Amberly has been counting down the days until school for weeks. For her sake especially, I'm glad it's finally here.

Here's to a great year!


Stine said...

Adorable kiddos! What do we do with ourselves while they are gone?

Kerri said...

Love their outfits!