Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feeling the Spirit

Several weeks ago during a conversation with a brother-in-law he mentioned that while he feels the spirit when he attends the temple, often at funerals, and frequently during his own scripture study, he rarely feels the spirit during Sacrament Meeting.

I agreed and told him how just a few weeks earlier during the Sacrament song, I was surprised and actually had the thought pop in my mind: Wow! I just felt the spirit during Sacrament meeting. It's just such a rare occurrence any more that I was literally shocked.

It's sad, because I believe that Sacrament Meeting should be one of the most spiritual times of the week. It's certainly not the fault of the Bishopric, the speakers (they're usually remarkably good in our ward) or the music (love singing out with the crowd). It's really just the fact that nearly every Sunday I'm wrestling with at least one and probably more of my children during most of the meeting. My children have simply destroyed that special hour.

Admittedly, it is improving as they get older. And it helped in the last few years when Utah Dad and I decided to eliminate all snacks (even for the baby) during the meeting.

So, it's ironic that while I blame the lack of spiritual feeling during Sacrament Meeting on my children, that the place where I get the most choked up by the spirit is now the Primary room.

I haven't been in Primary Sharing Time and Opening Exercises for a few years. But at the beginning of the year I was released as the nursery leader and called to teach the 10-11 year olds in Primary. I was nervous. Because I love those little, tiny, cute kids with squishy faces and runny noses. (I have to laugh sometimes at the notes not to bring your nursery kid to class if he/she has a runny nose--when does he/she actually get to go? But seriously, follow the rules. They're good.) I was afraid that the older kids wouldn't do cute and funny things that I could laugh about after church. I shouldn't have worried. 10-11 year old kids say cute and funny things. Sometimes very funny (maybe a little inappropriate, but we're working on that).

Last Sunday one of the darling girls in my class looked up at me during Primary Opening Exercises and saw tears in my eyes. She asked me if I was alright. I was fine. Just spiritually touched by 8,700 primary children (I exaggerate a little, our primary isn't quite that big) singing out strong about prophets. I get emotional every time the Primary leaders ask a question and 8,700 little hands shoot up and they all know they answer. Just ask them. They all really know. And even though I spend quite a bit of time looking down my row and giving the evil eye to the noisy boys in my class and my own wiggly children, I can't help but be sensitive to the overflowing spirit in the room.

Best place to be -- Primary.

I'm serious. Don't believe me? Just accept that calling next time from the Bishop and become a believer. I dare you.


Rheanna said...

It's amazing sometimes that people miss out on the opportunity to serve in Primary-those kids really are amazing! I don't even get to be in Sharing Time very often, but I sure love when I do! And no, I don't think you exaggerate, 8,700 seems about right :o)

Momnerd said...

I haven't been in primary for about eight years, but as the primary chorister back then I would often get choked up. They are so sweet and my little three year old at that time is one of your noisy boys I'm sure. lol I miss primary, but I also get it during the week, now, and I secretly love how the kids at school often bring up gospel principles. It's so matter of fact for them. I LOVE it!

alisonwonderland said...

It's been quite a while since I've served in Primary, but I've loved every calling I've had there.

BTW Sacrament Meeting will get better as your kids continue to grow. :)

Candice said...

I love primary too! And I miss those 10-11 year olds. I'm pretty sure they're the one's I was teaching before we moved... such sweethearts!

Heidi said...

OH, I love primary too! It gives me chills sometimes when the kids know the answers and sing the songs so well. Love that feeling!

Katie Stoddart said...

I teach the 10-11 year olds in my Primary as well. It is a rare thing to not feel the spirit in Primary. Whether in class, during singing time or sharing time. Children are very special :)

Tara L. said...

I am the Primary Chorister and I love it! Primary is definitely the place to be!