Wednesday, March 23, 2011


To avoid sweeping and mopping my kitchen floor, I decided to play around with my blog header today. While I liked some of the basic design elements from the header I made several months ago, there were other aspects that have bugged me. I've been teaching myself to use Adobe Illustrator and the learning curve is pretty slow, especially when I get interrupted by my children who want me to play games with them. How could I resist their kissable faces? At least I beat them at their own games.

Anyway, once they were in bed tonight I was able to finish tweaking and updating the new header. Do you like it? I hope it's at least better than the old one.



Better? Worse? Please let me know what you think.


Saimi said...

Let me just say how impressed I am that you can even do that..I haven't figured out how to add pictures to a header...let alone any frills and thrills, mine's pretty boring..but this isn't about me it's about you and your amazing skills.

Personally I like them both. Change is fun and I think it looks great!

Saimi said...

I do like the blue background, it makes the pictures of your adorable children 'Pop'

Jocelyn said...

I love changing things! I did like your old header a lot but this new one has "the" colors for this Spring, so it's way cute. Love the updated photos too!

Playing It Cooley

Katie Stoddart said...

I like the new one. I just changed my blog around. Nothing fancy like that, but I went all black for my background. I think it makes pictures pop out a little more.

Rheanna said...

I had no qualms with the old background, but I really like the new background too. Apparently you just look good surrounded by blue! It looks fantastic, as always!

Kerri said...

I agree with Rheanna! I love your blog either way.

Shilo said...

I like it. I noticed it immediately!
I love that you updated pictures as well.

Stacey said...

I like it! I'm impressed that you can do it. I always call my brother-in-law when I want any graphics for mine! LOL