Monday, March 21, 2011

Campus Book Rentals Helping Operation Smiles

I loved every minute of college and because I love books, one of my favorite days was the day I headed to the campus book store with the list of books I needed to buy that semester. I smiled as I tossed book after book into my basket, until the cashier told me how much money I owed. Ouch.

Since then, there are so many cheaper ways to get your books for college. Have you seen Campus Book Rentals? You can save up to 90% by renting instead of buying your text books. And really who needs to  keep that Biology text book that will probably be obsolete and replaced by another edition next year?

And to seriously sweeten the deal, Campus Book Rentals is now donating a portion from every book rented to Operation Smiles. Operation Smiles is one of my favorite volunteer organizations. Medical professionals and others donate their time and skills to travel to third world countries to do cleft lip reconstruction surgeries for children.

As a mother, I know that there is nothing better in this world than seeing the smile of my babies. The fantastic and dedicated people at Operation Smiles give this gift to mothers all over the world and give the little ones hope for a brighter future.

Click here to read a smile story about Estella from Honduras.

So, next time you need text books (or your kids do) consider renting them from Campus Book Rentals. And even if you don't need books, you can donate directly to Operation Smiles.

That's definitely something to smile about.

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Saimi said...

Saw you over at Serenes blog and thought I'd come over and say HI. Ok now if you don't mind me saying, your children are absolutely adorable and you my dear, look like you could be their sister!!

Lovely family indeed. My boys are all grown and in college/mission some day I'll have darling little grandchildren...your parents are very lucky!