Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Nashville Tribute Band CD Winners

I'm finally getting going this morning after a late but extremely fun night with my family. My mom, sisters, sisters-in-law, cousins, aunt and grandma got together last night to celebrate with my youngest sister-in-law who is expecting her first baby this September. Since most of us in my family are finished having babies it was an exciting party as we anticipate another little one in the family.

Did you know babies are born without kneecaps? I didn't. Learn something new every day. My brother and his wife have been given the job of finding out just when babies develop their kneecaps. I want to know the exact day their little baby girlie gets her kneecaps! I'm weird like that.

But, I'm sure you are much more excited to find out who won The Nashville Tribute Band CD give-away. So . . .

The winners are :

Mom of 12

Congratulations! You have each won one CD of THE WORK by The Nashville Tribute Band. Please send me an email with your contact information.


Momof12 said...

Wahoo! I'm so excited! It's my daughter's birthday next week and she will love it.
Thanks bunches!

Mom of 12 said...

I got the CD today and I can hardly wait for her birthday to open it. My younger girls are way excited!
Thanks again!