Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Daughter of the Reich : Book Review

Thanks to @williammorrowbooks and @netgalley for the complimentary e-copy of the book. ⁣

There are many different ways to tell the World War II story and Daughter of the Reich by Louise Fein gives the reader a unique perspective. ⁣

Hetty Heinrich is the daughter of a high ranking Nazi and as the party gains more power, life seems to improve drastically for Hetty and her family. Her father gets promoted at the newspaper where he works and they move from their small flat to a spacious home in the best neighborhood. At school and in the youth groups, Hetty learns all the ways the Jews are destroying Germany. ⁣

Learning and even believing the propaganda and indoctrination, doesn’t stop Hetty from falling in love with Walter, a Jewish boy who was once her brother’s best friend. ⁣

I read Daughter of the Reich with my heart in my throat. Knowing the history, means knowing that there isn’t going to be an easy love story for these young people caught in a nation of danger and hate. Inspired by her family history, Fein tells an emotional and harrowing story of love and hate, evil and good, life and death. ⁣

The novel is engaging though it is long. It was interesting to read a different perspective and wonder about the kids growing up with the daily teachings in Nazi Germany. I did get frustrated by some of the foolish decisions of teens that put others lives in danger but I suppose that is often the way with teens who don’t fully understand the risks. Overall, it was worth reading and I would recommend it. I may have burned myself out on World War II novels for awhile though.

Daughter of the Reich by Louise Fein is published by William Morrow Books in May 12, 2020. 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Pretty Things : Book Review

Thanks to @randomhouse for the complimentary copy of PRETTY THINGS by Janelle Brown. ⁣

Nina went to college to avoid her mother’s life as a con artist but even with her degree she can’t escape getting sucked back into that world when her mother gets sick and needs help with the bills. Using her knowledge of antiques and art, she’s been stealing from the extreme rich. Now, hiding from the cops, Nina and her boyfriend, Lachlan plan the perfect heist—she knows just the heiress to target. ⁣

Soaring high on her fame and success as an Instagram Influencer, Vanessa has gone home to the family estate to lick her wounds and grieve after her father’s death and her fiancĂ© dumped her for someone “more serious”. But she’s lonely so she rents out the caretaker’s cottage to a pretty, young couple. ⁣

PRETTY THINGS caught my eye months ago and has been calling to me from the shelf. I went in with high expectations of this novel and though it eventually veered off in a direction I wasn’t anticipating, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. ⁣

The characters are well developed and the reader comes to understand their motivations and deepest desires. Can you trust anyone? Is anyone really what they appear to be online? The plot moves consistently forward as it climbs the roller coaster before a breathtaking ride. I read the final 200+ pages without a break because I was so enthralled and wrapped up in Nina and Vanessa’s story. ⁣

PRETTY THINGS is intense. It’s a fun and thoroughly enjoyable read. ⁣

Have you already read it? Were you surprised by the direction it took?⁣