Monday, June 29, 2020

Her Last Flight : Book Review

Thanks so much to William Morrow for a complimentary egalley of Her Last Flight by Beatriz Beatriz Williams consistently writes entertaining and dreamy stories that I can get lost in and her newest novel Her Last Flight was not an exception. 
Photojournalist Janey Everett is determined to uncover the truth about the disappearance of the legendary aviatrix Irene Foster who was lost on a flight over the Sahara Desert in 1937. ⁣Her journey will uncover much more than she bargained for. 
I started reading the book weeks ago and was immediately intrigued by the premise and the characters. I quickly read the first third of the book and then promptly forgot about it. (That’s the trouble with ebooks—out of sight out of mind.) Anyway, over the weekend I decided to get back to it. Saturday night, I completely devoured every word and before I knew it, I’d read the entire thing and it was 4am. ⁣
Her Last Flight may just be my new favorite of William’s books. The characters are brave and passionate and flawed and simply marvelous. Williams weaves intrigue and mystery into her love story—it’s well plotted with twists and reveals at the perfect moments. It’s not merely a romance between a man and a woman but a love affair between the world and aviation. She captures the public zeal for tales of the famous early pilots and their daring feats. ⁣
Her Last Flight is breathtaking and captivating as I too fell under the spell of the charming and irresistible Irene Foster. 

Her Last Flight by Beatriz Williams is published by William Morrow and releases on June 30, 2020.