Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stuffy Head

I got hit by a nice little head cold to finish out our Spring Break week. My oldest two were "hanging" and skiing (because there was a lot of new snow--just love spring in Utah) with their grandparents, so I didn't do much more than sit on the couch with a pile of good books and listen to the little ones play together in their bedrooms.

Sadly, we had to cancel our plans to spend the weekend with my parents on their farm. Lilly is disappointed that she didn't get to see the calves. And Thomas is bummed for a multitude of reasons--their little farm is his favorite place.

Molly is saying more and more and likes to repeat the simple words she hears us say. Today I was telling Amberly to clean her room for the fifteenth time, "now!" and Molly added emphasis for me with her own "now!" She loves her siblings and wants to be with them all the time. Thomas is especially sweet with her. Lilly is not so patient. Molly is constantly messing up her doll house or doing some other damage to Lilly's carefully arranged menagerie of stuffed animals. Sister drama, already.

I had to include a couple of pictures I snapped of Molly this afternoon because really she is just so darn cute (even when she has a cold). I could eat her up.