Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Phone Call

The phone rang this morning while we were getting ready for church.

It was the Ward Executive Secretary. "Can you be at church early to meet with a member of the Bishopric?"

Utah Dad assessed our readiness (we were actually making good time even though we had to bathe every single kid) and agreed to meet twenty minutes before sacrament meeting.

It's the call that usually causes me some trepidation and nervous thoughts. I'm generally tempted to ignore the call when I see his number on the Caller ID (but I don't really screen calls--not all the time anyway).

Utah Dad hung up the phone and told me the news with a big grin. "It can't be any worse. We're already called to the nursery."

I nodded and reminded him that there was always cub scouts.


Utah Dad is now the assistant cub master (really not a horrible gig--one or two nights a month). But we might have negotiated a release from the ward activities committee (are you allowed to negotiate with the bishopric?).


Rheanna said...

That's so funny...I've heard lots of people cringe at the sight of his number :o) I totally think negotiation or even bribery could work with a bishopric...haha!

Catey said...

So excited that he is that one who got called-he will be wonderful!
(and super excited you are still in nursery....don't know what Charlotte would do without you two!)

Kerri said...

Hee hee. Good Luck!

wyattjenae said...

Sure, Cub Scouts might be the worst! Ha! Ha! Welcome!