Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Deseret Book Store - Out and About in Utah

The new Flagship Deseret Book Store opened in downtown Salt Lake City last week. It's part of the Downtown Rising Project happening just south of Temple Square.

Of course I couldn't stay away. Utah Dad, Thomas and I stopped in on Monday while we were still in the city. Sigh. It is all the things I love about book stores and Deseret Book in particular. There is a large section dedicated to the beautiful art of the Savior and of temples. Another spacious section is set aside for music and movies. There is a special tribute to the amazing Mormon Tabernacle Choir and their celebration of 100 years of recording. One corner of the store hosts all the yummy and fun things in the Parley Street Emporium and in another endowed members can purchase temple clothing. And of course there are books--lots of books--but primarily books published by Deseret Book. Utah Dad and I had a hard time controlling ourselves around all the beautiful books. We have our eye on the Joseph Smith Papers. Some day, those volumes will surely be a part of our library.

We took our time and enjoyed the store. I mentally added a number of titles to our "wish list". My only complaint is how expensive the books are. $34.99 for a paperback biography of Elder Maxwell? Really. We did purchase three Mormon Tabernacle Choir CDs, The Remarkable Soul of a Woman by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf and the DVD of How Rare a Possession from the Church Distribution corner of the store.

The Remarkable Soul of a Woman is a beautiful little book. it is essentially a printed version, including boxed quotes and black and white photography, of the talk Presiden Uchtdorf gave at the General Relief Society Broadcast in 2008. You can read the talk in its entirety for free on However, the message of the value of women and our divine nature to create is poignant and always a good reminder. I think the book would make a lovely gift for any of the special women in our lives.

While you're in the city, be sure and stop in the new Deseret Book Store. It is definitely worth your time. And consider signing up on Deseret Book's email list to get "Insider Deals". Each week you'll get an email with the week's sales. Last week I bought Senator Bob Bennett's new book A Leap of Faith from Deseret Book for 73% off the original price.