Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Collars

Earlier this week, Neal informed me that he would no longer wear collared shirts to school. I wanted to know what was wrong with all the polo and rugby shirts hanging in his closet.

"Collared shirts are too handsome," he answered. "I want shirts that are cool."

So, we went shopping. Together. It turns out that shirts that are "cool" are what I call "attitude" shirts--shirts with obnoxious sayings about how the wearer hates school and homework and parents. I tried my best to laugh at the immature humor. Then I told Neal that there was no way I would buy him and let him wear that type of shirt to school. I was raised by an elementary school teacher, after all.

We compromised on some BYU T-shirts and some baseball jersey-type shirts.

He did look pretty handsome cool when he left for school this morning.

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Kerri said...

a dog?!! Rebecca is so excited. I understand the fight for 'cool' shirts.