Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bennett for Senate - Again

I didn't write about our caucus meeting earlier because I was pretty worked up. In fact, between the caucus meeting, studying up on Ronald Reagan and reading "No Apologies" by Mitt Romney I was on political overload and I was having trouble sleeping. I temporarily put down Romney's book and I tried to forget about the caucus meeting. Unfortunately, I've been unsuccessful.

Last night, Molly woke me up during the night. After I got her back to sleep, I lay awake in bed thinking about what Utah Dad and I might have done differently to help Senator Bennett at our caucus meeting. Our precinct caucus meeting went a lot like all the other caucus meetings in Utah. Utah Dad was a state delegate two years ago and wanted to go to the state convention again in support of Bob Bennett. He made it very clear. He had a lot of support with him at the meeting. The other man running for delegate switched his party affiliation to Republican that evening so that he could run as a delegate. He wasn't supporting any specific candidate (at least that is what he said) he just did not want to reelect Bob Bennett. There were many others in attendance who were adamant that Bob Bennett not be reelected to the senate. After three tie votes, the other man was elected as our state delegate.

At caucuses across the state of Utah the people's vote was clear--they do not want Bob Bennett to return to Washington DC as Utah's senator. I understand that people are angry about what is happening in Washington right now. I am too. They want to send all the incumbents packing and replace them with new people who will vote exactly the way they want them to. People want "change". I think we got "change" in 2008. So much for "change" being the answer.
What exactly did Bob Bennett vote for that has people in Utah so angry? He voted for President George W. Bush's TARP. What do you know about TARP? Do you have all the data and economic facts before you? Do you have a mortgage? Do you rely on the banks remaining solvent? Bennett voted against a bill to end earmarks. Do you know what an earmark is? Do you? Or are you just listening to the propaganda from out-of-state interest groups like Club for Growth?

I've added videos of Bennett because he can say it better than I can. Here's Bennett's response to the attacks from Club for Growth:

Here Bennett defends his vote on TARP:

And here is Bennett's opinion on earmarks:

If you are really concerned about spending in Washington and the national debt you  must realize that it is entitlements, like Social Security, that are the big problem. Bennett does have a plan.

At the state convention in May, our elected delegates from precincts all over Utah will meet and vote for the Republican nominee for senate. There are many people running for this office. They are not bad people. But they are inexperienced and whoever is elected will become the "junior" senator in Washington. If he/she gets to sit on senate committees--he/she will be the least important member. He/she does not already have established relationships with other leaders in Washington. He/she will be green. He/she will no doubt head to Washington full of fire and conviction ready to bang his or her head against the Democratic wall there. I'm afraid he/she will only succeed in getting a headache.

Senator Bennett has been in Washington. He knows people. He has examined the Democratic wall and has found the weak bricks. He is chipping away at the bricks. He knows the weak links. Eventually, the wall will collapse in on itself.

Every delegate at the convention owes it to the voters in his caucus to examine the candidates and vote for the man or woman who can best represent the Republican Principles we hold dear here in Utah.

At the state convention, the delegates will vote for their candidates. If none of the candidates get more than 60% of the delegate vote, we will have a primary election this June and we will get another chance to choose our Republican Senatorial Nominee. Hopefully, I will get a chance to choose Bob Bennett for Senate. Again.

I am not being paid by Senator Bennett. I'm not on his campaign staff. I am a Utahan and I do know Senator Bennett. I know that he is brilliant, honest, humble and righteous. He hails from true Utah Pioneer stock. I know that he loves Utah.