Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Serenading the Kids

I regularly embarrass my children my making up silly songs. It drives them crazy. But today's little diddy actually got a smile from Neal and he added, "That one was pretty good, Mom." Since I had success with the ten year old, I decided to share it here.

                                    If you don't go to school
                           You'll be dumb all your life
                           You won't get a job,
                           You won't get a wife.

                          If you don't go to school
                          You won't be cool
                          And the only job you'll get
                          Is cleaning out the pool.

(No offense to pool cleaners, it was the only word I could think of that rhymed with school.)

Do you just love my skills with the lyrics? I foresee a new career. Haha! Ya, right!


Angie said...

Very cute. =) You're kids are lucky.

Mark and Amy said...

The real question is why you felt the need for a song about not going to school!

Kerri said...

I love your lyrics and I'm sure my 11 year old did too!

Rheanna said...

you're quite the poet-too cute!

Brimhalls said...

I usually break out in song when the kids are fighting or I sing "Let us all speak kind words to each other." They beg me not to sing that one. One time Ammon and I started a musical/opera that literally brought our kids to their knees. It was pretty fun to torture them like that.

Mormon Market said...

I love that little song! Nice work Utah Mom!!