Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crossed - Book Review

Ever since I read Matched by Ally Condie last spring, I have been anxiously awaiting the next volume in the trilogy. Crossed released last week and since I had preordered it, I was happy to find a copy on my porch (via UPS) last Tuesday morning. I set aside the other book I am currently reading to devour every word of the highly anticipated young adult novel.

It is difficult for me to write reviews for the middle novel in a trilogy. The endings so rarely leave the reader satisfied (which is the point) that after a breathless reading there is that moment of realization that the story won't be complete for another year. This is the reason that I usually don't read series until all books have already been published.

Crossed takes the characters of Cassia and Ky from Matched and puts them in the next portion of their personal and societal conflicts. This novel has alternating chapters from Cassia and Ky's perspective and I must admit that it took me a few chapters of confusion to realize this, even though on closer inspection I saw that their names are clearly indicated with each chapter heading.

Crossed continues the action from the end of Matched. Cassia is searching for Ky who is now fighting to stay alive in the Outer Provinces. Their values and their hearts will be tested in the unforgiving landscape of the Carving.

I did enjoy Crossed, though perhaps not as much as I liked Matched. I especially enjoyed Matched because of the uniqueness of the very well organized socialistic society that didn't have such obvious breaches yet still restricts the freedom of the individual. It is often harder for people to rebel against this type of society and I feel more impressed by those who can "rise" up. I also appreciated the lack of violence in Matched. However, violence is to be expected in a war so I was not surprised to have it in Crossed, though it was minimal. The setting in Crossed is very different. While I love the "Southern Utah" setting that is described in those novel, I look forward to a return to civilization in the final novel of the trilogy.

As in the second act in a play, the conflict builds and the audience is left frustrated and anxious. Overall, I enjoyed the continuing action and direction of this story and I look forward to the conclusion of a well written, imaginative and intelligent dystopian series.

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