Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Surviving October

My calendar fills up so quickly in October. The beautiful light and wonderful outdoor colors are just perfect for photo shoots and families are often anxious to get their pictures done in time for Christmas cards. Besides the evening photo shoots, we've stuffed this month full of family outings, Halloween parties and other activities.

Since I've been feeling bad that I haven't updated the blog much lately with our family happenings, I've decided to do one quick post about all the happenings. It's a mind dump but there will be pictures.

We began the month of October by spending General Conference weekend with my in-laws. We love listening to the prophet and the other general authorities during conference. We were excited to hear the announcement of all the new temples. We're so happy that more people will be able to be closer to a temple. We're especially excited about the announcement of the Star Valley, Wyoming Temple since we have ancestral ties to the place and we're very happy for our family members who still live there.

We spent the weekend lounging in our jammies, eating good food and enjoying the perfect weather. We picked and ate delicious pears from my in-laws trees. Utah Dad got together with his brothers and nephews for the Priesthood session of conference. It was a wonderful weekend.

As a family, we drove up Alpine Loop and to Cascade Springs and enjoyed the beautiful changing colors. We have loved the warm weather this autumn.

Some of my children regularly experience car sickness. We started giving them Dramamine before we set off on trips and it has literally changed Lilly's life for the better. Road trips are much more enjoyable for all of us. Unfortunately, the medicine made Thomas grumpy and tired. He's almost always just a bundle of happy energy so it was especially sad that he didn't have a great day.

Neal is at the age when spending time with family away from a video game is not especially fun. I handed him the Bloggie camera and his entire mood changed. He still won't smile when I turn my camera on him (he's self conscious about the braces) but he had a great time snapping pictures of whatever he wanted to.

Here are a few of the pictures Neal took with the Bloggie.

I've had seven fun photo shoots--many of which I have squeezed in on nights when I have other things I also have to attend. I was actually late to book club which I hosted at my house.

We attended parent teacher conferences (the kids are having a great year and they love their teachers).  Another evening, we went to the Kindergarten Open House with Thomas.

We had  Stake Conference and I've been able to attend the temple three times--twice with Utah Dad and once with sisters from my Relief Society.

Neal and I built the Lighthouse at Alexandria for a school project. Yes, we know it's leaning. And I am also aware the kids' pictures on my wall are in serious need of updating. Some day.

We all attended the Picadilly Circus in Orem.

Utah Dad and Amberly dressed up and went to her Daddy Daughter Halloween party put on by her Primary Activity Day leaders.

We ate dinner with some neighbors and hosted them for dinner the following weekend.

We all went to Cub Scout Pack Meeting. All of us. Even me. In spite of my Pack Meeting Anxiety. It was a "blast".

Utah Dad attended the baby blessing of his newest great nephew.

I went to a recipe exchange party hosted by a new neighbor. She made the most amazing chili and pumpkin cookies. It was fun to visit with her and get to know her better.

One Saturday morning, several friends and I woke up early to leave our homes at 6 am to drive for an hour to the Salt Lake City Library for the semi-annual book sale so that we could be there just when it opened. This is one of my favorite weekends of the year. I give myself a monetary spending limit or I could just really get myself in trouble. This year I limited myself to $10. My friend ended up spotting me $3.50. I went over a little. But I found some great books that have been on my wish list. Happy winter reading for me! One of my dear bookish friends moved to Virginia this week, so this was our last adventure together. I will definitely miss her.

I dressed up as a cat and went to a Halloween Transition Sister Carnival with my dear Laurel friend Kathryn. She did our make-up and we looked very feline. We had a great time and I won the coloring contest. :) I definitely know my way around a box of crayons.

Utah Dad and I attended another Adult Halloween Party hosted by some friends in our neighborhood. Our team won the Scavenger Hunt. We were awesome and Utah Dad was a crazy driver. Our hosts threw a fabulous party. I can't believe I've already dressed up twice this season. What is the world coming to?

Molly and I went door to door to collect donations for Pennies by the Inch which supports Primary Children's Medical Center.

We went to my sister's house for a Family Halloween Party and bottled apple sauce.

We had a successful Primary Program. Amberly gave a talk about her baptism. The other kids said their parts nicely. We were glad that both sets of grandparents could attend. All the kids in my class were there and participated. Our Primary leaders did a great job putting it together. I appreciate all their hard work.

This Monday we went to Cornbelly's to enjoy the corn maze and the other fun attractions. As always, we had a great time.

Whew! And we still have another weekend full of Halloween festivities coming up. Hopefully, I'll survive.


Shilo said...

BTW - I meant to tell you you looked so cute as a kitty!!! :D
Also, I'm stealing the early morning book sale picture. Thanks! ;)

Brimhalls said...

Wow! You have been busy. I was wondering what you were up to. Thanks for all the pictures and updates. I miss you!

Rheanna said...

No way! You're month has been crazy and now I'm tired after just reading it...I think I'll take a nap to recover :o)

Angie said...

What a full and busy month! It sounds wonderful. I love the pictures. I love driving up to Cascade Springs.

Saimi said...

My goodness girl you have been a busy one!

Megan said...

So, you knew I would fixate on the picture of the book pile, right? Bel Canto is an amazing book, one of the ones that I regularly recommend to people. The Kite Runner is really good, as was his second book, A Thousand Splendid Suns. And The Thirteenth Tale was one of my favorites the year I read it. I'll be interested to hear what you think of those!