Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apple Sauce and Cousins

My parents got a bumper crop of apples this year from the trees in their yard. After putting away over 60 quarts of apple sauce for themselves, they brought the remaining boxes of apples to us.

We joined other members of my family for a little apple sauce making/Halloween party at my sister's house last Saturday. My sister has a beautiful house with a kitchen just perfect for canning. She was gracious enough to host us all and the mess.

Some of the apples were "protein enhanced" but that just made them perfect for apple sauce. During the day, we turned seven boxes of apples into over 70 quarts of apple sauce. It was a long, hot, sticky job but we love the delicious sweetness of the apple sauce. I look forward to eating it all winter.

While we took turns working in the kitchen, the guys played football in the backyard and watched the kids (sort of). They cheered on BYU's football team and mourned Utah's loss.

My sister and sister-in-law prepared some fun Halloween games for the kids. They all looked so darn cute in their costumes. Unfortunately, many of the cousins were unable to attend. We missed them. Thomas especially missed all his boy cousins. We forced them to pose for pictures. They truly love it.

My little nephew is one darn handsome cowboy.
He's even mastered the bowlegged walk.
(Read that with a drawl. I'm typing it with one.)

We also got to meet and fall in love with our newest niece.
She is darling.

We all had a fabulous time.

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