Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have now added "Plumber" to my resume.
Lesson learned: just like potato peels, butternut squash peels should not be put down the disposal.

Yesterday, we were drowning in dirty laundry and wet towels thanks to my plumbing experience.
This morning, all the clothes and towels are washed, folded, and put away. I might make my kids wear their jammies all day. Heck, I might stay in my jammies all day. Again.

Last week, I was WAY more social than usual. I sent Utah Dad out fishing on Friday so that I could keep justifying all my "Girls' Nights/Days Out". I had a great time visiting with new and old friends and I even dressed up for Halloween (in my very casual way).

People never stop by AFTER I do the dishes.

I had my first period in 28 months. I know you wanted to know that.

Neal is excited for the ski season to begin. I drank a warm, yummy chocolate coconut steamer to celebrate the snow and am looking forward to many more.
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

I only have one more Halloween costume to make. Somehow, I need to turn Amberly into the Corpse Bride by Friday. I probably should get dressed and head to the store for tulle. 

I've had lots of fun photo shoots with lots of fun families and I'm looking forward to some more.

Last night, I spontaneously, with the urging of my mom, planned a family Halloween party at my house. Bring on the costumed toddlers. I'll be ready.

Molly just woke up wet. Looks like I'll be washing some sheets today. So much for being caught up on the laundry.


Kerri said...

Thanks for letting us know that you had your first period... I was wondering when that was going to happen. Lol Hey why didn't I get invited to the toddler Halloween party? Don't I qualify? You should have talked Jessica into helping you with it.

Momnerd said...

Love the pictures! I'm trying to have a good attitude about the snow. It's not really working.....maybe you'll rub off on me.