Friday, October 1, 2010

Missing Utah Dad

Utah Dad accompanied Neal as a chaperon to the fifth grade camp this week. Utah Dad didn't really want to go. With my own memories of fifth grade and the worries about bullies, I made him. He did have a good time but he didn't get a lot of sleep in a cabin full of fifth grade boys and the thought of possible spiders and he didn't really get full on fifth-grade cafeteria portions. Neal loved everything about camp and one of his cabin mates turned out to be a third cousin.

That left me home with the other children. I put them to bed just slightly earlier than their regularly scheduled bedtimes (not so much that they would notice). Except for Molly, who took a rather long afternoon nap and positively refused to sleep. She and I watched the first two episodes of a television show my friend had mentioned. I'm completely TV-illiterate, as you know, so I had never heard of Pushing Daisies before. I watched it on the Netflix streaming Wii thingy (which is definitely on my top ten favorite things--I L-O-V-E Netflix). Pushing Daisies was quirky and funny and a little twisted. I like that type of thing.

I don't usually sleep well without Utah Dad so I planned to just read most of the night. Neal just started reading the Percy Jackson series, has become a fan and is begging me to read it too. I figured I would just read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief all night. But as much as I enjoy reading and as much as I was enjoying Percy Jackson, I was comatose before midnight.

I missed Utah Dad. He was only gone just over twenty four hours, which wasn't really that long, but I'm used to him being around all the time. Even though while he's working, he's holed up in his office/our master bedroom, I can tell him things during his breaks. Nothing is real until I tell him. Nothing is as funny unless he is laughing with me. By the time he got home yesterday afternoon, I was bursting with things to tell him (even though our time had been rather uneventful and we hadn't even left the neighborhood).

Man, I'm glad he's home.


Brimhalls said...

That was sweet. I love Netflix too and just recently got our Wii set up to receive it. Very Cool! I will have to check out Pushing Daisies as well. I'm glad everyone made it home safe!

Megan said...

Pushing Daisies was a fantastic show. It's really too bad it was canceled.

Myke Weber said...

I can't stop thinking about that notion - "nothing is real unless I tell him" - I've never put my finger on that feeling before, but I've had it often enough. Thanks for bringing the sensation to my consciousness.