Monday, January 10, 2011

The Utah Flash - Out and About in Utah

My sister-in-law invited our family to join theirs at the Utah Flash Basketball game last Friday night. We loaded up all the kids and headed to the game. The kids were excited to see their cousins. The adults found our seats while the older kids went to play in the bounce house located on the floor of the arena.

We weren't sure what to expect from the minor league basketball team but we really had a good time. While it certainly wasn't as fantastic as attending a Jazz game; the players hustled, the side-show entertainment was fun and the atmosphere was definitely family friendly. The Flash Fox mascot is quite a character and did some fun stunts. The dancers were cute and energetic.

Molly especially enjoyed the game. She sat at the edge of her seat, swinging her legs to the beat of the music, chewing on Red Vines and riveted by the game.

I think we would have enjoyed the game even more if we were already familiar with the players and had more team spirit. It took the kids a few minutes to realize that we were cheering for the team dressed in black, not green.

The kids were too tired to last the entire game, however, so we all headed home before the final quarter. Everyone agreed that the experience was fun and we'll probably be attending another game soon.

You can check out ticket prices (which are quite reasonable for an entire family) and the team's schedule at the Utah Flash official web page.

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