Friday, January 21, 2011

Straighten Up

If you were to ask me one thing I really like about my body, I wouldn't hesitate a second before answering--my teeth. Not necessarily my smile (I still haven't mastered that casual, real smile for pictures). But I really like my teeth. I might like them so much now because I hated them for years.

My pearly little baby teeth fell out and were replaced by gigantic, boxy permanent teeth that came in every direction possible but straight. My canine teeth didn't even come in at all but were compacted on the roof of my mouth. I was a teenager before I could go to the orthodontist and I am grateful for every long moment that I wore braces (even though it was literally all four years of high school). Our orthodontist was three hours from home and I still remember fondly the day trips with my family for our appointments each month.

Ironically, when my ten-year high school reunion came around (didn't actually go), I had braces again. My teeth had shifted (serious panic) and my kind orthodontist insisted that I come back in for more work.

Now, after years of work, I really love my teeth.

I knew the minute that I thought of having children (Utah Dad required extensive work on his teeth too--so his genes aren't especially helpful either), that some day I would be hauling the kids to the orthodontist. That day has arrived.

Neal got braces yesterday. He started "Phase One" of the process. Hopefully, with work, some of the early problems can be corrected and future problems can be avoided to some extent. In every way, Neal is like Utah Dad's side of the family. So, how did he get my teeth?

Neal was pretty nervous about it but he looks so cute.

I'm grateful for some good insurance (an oxymoron, I know) that will pay half and for some extra money in the flex plan that payed for the other half (we had a healthy year). I'll just have to wait for Lasik. I'm excited and anxious to see my little boy's smile again.

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Katie Stoddart said...

We are in the same process! K goes in next month for a spacer (our phase one)