Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Productivity Levels

Most nights I am so exhausted by the time I set my book on the night stand and turn off the lamp that I fall asleep within minutes. However, occasionally I have nights where I just can't fall asleep and I lay in bed listening to Utah Dad snore and thinking about all the little things that I need to do. Most of these things can't really be accomplished in the middle of the night so it's useless worrying about them, but I do. Then, come morning, in the rush of getting everyone ready for school, doing dishes and laundry, keeping the children from destroying things and hurting each other, doing science fair projects, overseeing chores, piano practice and homework, I forget the list of superfluous things that need to be done.

Yesterday, however, was one of those remarkably productive days. 

I've always been a list person. Before I had children and I worked in various offices, I always started each morning with a neat and comprehensive list of things to do. I put everything on the list and it had neat little check boxes that I could use to mark off each thing as it was finished. I saved all my lists and could easily find out when and if a task had been successfully completed.

I made myself a list yesterday morning. It still had neat little check boxes but it was written on cute Mary Engelbright stationary instead of a legal note pad.

One by one, I checked the boxes off the list.

  • Order a birth certificate for Thomas so that I can register him for kindergarten next year. Check.
  • Pay for Neal's orthodontist work and fill out the reimbursement forms for the Flex Account. Check.
  • Make an appointment with the Lymph edema clinic for my fat feet. Half check. (waiting to hear back)
  • Schedule Parent/Teacher Conferences for the kids. Check.
Etc. Etc. Check. Check.

I exercised and cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom. I even made that Lemony Chicken Saltimbocca for dinner last night. We added artichoke hearts and capers. It was delicious.

It's a good thing I got so much accomplished yesterday because this morning I woke up with a serious sinus headache and the unpleasant early symptoms of a head cold. I don't anticipate doing much more than reading to the kids and laying on the couch today.


kanewoman said...

Fat feet? Chicken Saltimbocca? Wow, you were busy! Keep me posted on the fat feet!

Marie said...

I am list maker, too, so I can relate. Hopefully, that headache and cold will decide not to hang around--though reading to the kids and lying on the couch would still rank tops on my list.

Enjoyed your posts--I'm a new follower.