Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Musical Memories

I was driving by myself yesterday and was changing radio stations when I heard "Hotel California". Utah Dad hates that song and always changes the station. Since I was alone I left it there and was surprised by the memories recalled.

I couldn't help but remember Steve (I think that was his name). I met him while I was working at the Cougareat. He and his brother came through my line and they were wearing wrist bands for the Eagles concert. His brother dropped his taco salad on the floor and had to come back for another one.

I ran into Steve a few weeks later at a dance. Then he called to ask me out. He took me to the Haunted Forest. He ended up marrying the girl from the other half of the double date. Ya, that's how well that date went.

Isn't it funny that I think of him when I hear that song? It made me laugh.

Over our years together, Utah Dad has pretty much swallowed up most music. He owns the memories associated with everything from Enya to Pink Floyd. Rightfully so. Even so, I can't hear Ace of Base or Bonnie Raitt without remembering my roommate Mandi dancing on the table in our dorm room. Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" will always remind me of the slumber parties we had at my friend Ashley's house when we were twelve. Ahhh. Good memories.


Annika said...

I had the opportunity to listen to a band perform Hotel California in a lounge in Las Vegas this weekend. The best part? The drunk old people dancing their hearts out. We lovingly named one couple Formalde and Hyde. That song will never be the same for me :0) By the way, I have Girls Just Wanna Have fun on DVD if you ever want to borrow it. Good memories...

Kerri said...

I have the DVD too, funny post.