Monday, May 10, 2010

Primary Lesson

Thomas has a great teacher in Primary. Brother S is an older man (he's really not that old but in our ward where the average age is 4 he is quite a bit older) and he has worked wonders with our four year old. Whatever is happening in that Primary classroom has captured Thomas's attention and has inspired better reverence at home. Our wiggly, noisy kid has become the new example for appropriate behavior during prayer time at home. However, he is definitely not reverent all the time. He's still a crazy, goofy kid and we never really know what to expect.

Yesterday during Primary, Brother S gave each of his young pupils a "paddle". It was really a thin piece of wood about two inches wide and four feet long. On the end he taped a piece of oval shaped paper. This become the perfect and most fun toy a four year old boy could have.

After Relief Society, (the brethren in our ward took over the Primary and nursery yesterday so all the women could attend Relief Society. Thank you.) I made my way through the crowded halls to find my boys. When I finally discovered Neal and Thomas brandishing his "paddle", Neal related the following tale.

Neal (who ate all the Hershey Kisses he was supposed to give me for Mother's Day) found Thomas after Primary and they were waiting for me in the foyer. Thomas was waving his floppy paddle around and President Draper (assuming that Neal recognizes him and it was really him and not someone else) came out of a nearby room. He told Thomas to be careful not to whack anyone with the "paddle". Thomas, brandishing his new weapon, proceeded to whack President Draper (our stake president).

Thomas giggled and added, "Ya, I whacked President Uchtdorf".

I saw Brother S in the parking lot. He waved and cheerfully called out, "have that young man tell you why he is carrying a paddle."

I responded, "next Sunday, have this young man tell you who he whacked with it."

After some lengthy questioning and prodding of Thomas after church we discovered that the Primary lesson had been about Jesus calming the stormy seas.

Note to Primary Teachers: anything that looks even remotely like a weapon will be used as a weapon by a four year old boy.


Rheanna said...

that cracks me up...I love it!

Kerri said...

too funny!