Thursday, May 6, 2010

On His Own

While Molly and I were enjoying the perfect weather of Southern California last weekend, Utah Dad was left at home in a blizzard with the other four kids. And while his mother and sisters were skeptical about his abilities to successfully care for the kids for four entire days, he actually did fairly well.

I really wanted him to come with me but I didn't want to take the kids. Utah Dad was uncomfortable leaving them (with whom?) so I left them with him. I had complete confidence in his aptitude for managing chaotic situations.

To make it easier, Utah Dad took Thursday and Friday off work and I arranged for other mothers to drive the carpool. He spent the days building houses of Legos and playing games with Thomas and Lilly. He didn't fight at all with Neal over homework (whether Neal actually did it is doubtful) and Amberly got ready for school in the morning without complaining (probably because he didn't try to comb her hair or critique her clothing choices). On Saturday, they took a road trip to Manti to see the temple (he's been wanting to show the kids the temple where we were married for years) and they stopped for burgers and milk shakes on the way home. He cared for one sick little boy who ate too many burgers, fries and milk shakes and cleaned up all the subsequent messes. Other than the burgers, he cooked dinner every night. They had his specialty, breakfast dinner, one night. He even cooked a tasty experimental dish loaded with vegetables, Thai Beef, that was a hit with the miniature critics. He enlisted the kids to help him clean the house. He did get conveniently sick with a nasty cold on Sunday so that he didn't have to brave church with the kids by himself (he really was sick, is still sick, but we apologize to those who had to cover for him in the nursery very last minute). So, they spent Sunday watching church videos. They also mourned the puppy and made plans for a new one.

The only things he really doesn't do are laundry (there were piles for me to do when I got home) and hair (Lilly had the same ponytail holder caught in her hair that I put in before I left). Utah Dad did so well that I might have to plan another little get away. :)

I snapped these pictures of Utah Dad with the kids last night between scriptures and family prayers (obviously it's a very reverent time).

And just for fun:

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John Andersen said...

Sounds like Utah Dad had a great time with the kids. From one Dad to another, next time Utah Dad takes on the world with a small roadtrip with the kids, he should use one of my free, printable travel activity books for kids. I use them when we take the kids on road trips. They have fun activities and games for kids. Some of the activities involve the whole car as we want to keep parents involved with the kids off and on during the trip.

Glad you all had a great time!