Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mother's Helper

Amberly was so helpful all weekend. She straightened up the loft. She read books while Lilly sat on the potty. She helped plant the garden. She swept the floor after breakfast this morning and even though she accidentally knocked a picture off the wall with the broom handle and broke the frame the floor was nice and clean. After their showers, she helped Lilly get dressed for church. She had them wear their beautiful, ankle-length, matching dresses from Christmas and I styled their hair in matching pig tails. They both looked so darling. I should have taken a picture.

During church, Lilly's teacher in Nursery B stuck her head in Nursery C to tell me that Lilly had a problem. She'd gone potty on the floor. Horrified and surprised, I quickly handed off the child on my lap to head to Nursery B to take care of the "problem". Lilly has been making good progress at potty training this week but I didn't want to risk it so I had planned for her to wear a diaper to church. Surely, she had a diaper on. She sometimes took off her own diaper to try to go to the potty by herself and I wondered if this is what had happened. But no. She hadn't worn a diaper to church. She didn't have on panties either. She hadn't worn anything under her dress. Oh! Seriously, a mother's nightmare. While I frantically hurried to remove the mess from the floor, watched by a circle of disgusted and curious two-year-olds, I realized that Amberly had helped Lilly get dressed and that I hadn't even thought to check what she had on under her dress. Lilly's dress was also a mess, so Utah Dad took her home for a quick bath and a change before rushing back to help in nursery.

I'm pretty sure I owe Lilly's nursery teacher a really big plate of cookies.

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Kerri said...

Well that is one story you'll never forget:) We sure missed you today.