Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Molly's Birthday

I've been offline for a few (harried) days but then--miracle of miracle--today my computer finally connected to the Internet and has appeared to heal itself. While it's actually working, I better blog a few important things.

Molly turned one last week and we invited my parents, siblings, (they were all invited but only two live close enough to make it) nieces and nephews to join us for a celebration. The other kids wanted to have an Up! party. They've been planning for months. They wanted to see how many helium filled balloons it would take to lift Molly off the ground. I didn't want to pay for that many balloons but we did buy some.

Utah Dad made a big pot of his delicious chili. I baked four dozen cupcakes because you can never have enough cupcakes. It was a pretty typical, simple, loud birthday party. Molly was fascinated by the flame on the candle. She really wanted to touch it. She delicately stuck one finger in the frosting of her cupcake and licked it. She ate it pretty ladylike for awhile but was eventually shoving the cake in by the fistfuls.

I still can't believe she is one year old.

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