Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free at Three at Alta - Out and About in Utah

Neal learned to ski this winter and he loves it. In fact, last week he told me that he would rather ski for one afternoon than play the Wii for an entire week. Apparently, he's pretty good too and possibly a little too brave for his mother's comfort.

I am especially glad that Neal has learned to ski as a child because I've never been skiing. My family doesn't ski and then when I went to college and wanted to ski, I didn't have the cash and my friends were already good skiers. I didn't want to be left alone on the bunny slope. 

I'm also glad that he's learned to ski because it has given him so much confidence. He's not really an athletic kid but skiing he can do. He's learned to balance and trust himself and overcome fear. I don't know if he has any fear on the slope. He tends to overheat easily in the summer. Cold, however, seems to have no effect on the kid.

This winter he's been taking advantage of the "Free at Three" deal at Alta Ski Resort.  Monday is the early-out day at school so he has time to hit the slopes. This week, we decided to go watch him ski for Family Home Evening (sort of a twisted family activity). There were families all over the slope. Amberly pointed out every kid that she thought was younger than her and complained that she hasn't learned to ski yet. I saw one mom with a baby in her backpack carrier and a four year old skiing along beside her. Another dad skied with his baby in a front carrier. There were toddlers on skis being pulled along with ropes. Dads and Moms straddled beginner skiers between their own skis. I have never wanted to know how to ski so badly. Neal insists that he can teach me.

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