Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kids Say . . .

Thomas (age 4, two weeks ago): "I think you should sell me off."
Daddy: "To whom?"
Thomas: "To Mamau and Gramps."
A few hours later, Thomas: "I was thinking about it and it made me sad, so don't sell me off."

Thomas (on Sunday during his interview): "How do they do baptisms for the dead? Who brings in the bones?"

On Saturday I bought a bag of pears at Costco.
Thomas: "Oh, awesome! Pears! Let's put them in a can."

Conversation at lunch:
Lilly, pointing to Amberly and Thomas: "These are my kids."
Amberly: "We're not kids. We're children. Kids are baby goats."
Lilly, pointing to Molly with a laugh: "She's a baby goat."

Thomas to me: "I used my finger remote control to turn off your singing voice."


MaryAnne said...

I love it!!!

anna said...

those are really funny.

and I think you have awesome opinions :)