Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I don't like running to the doctor for every cough and sniffle. But I've been hacking away with this cough for four weeks now. Last Friday my voice was completely gone (this might also be blamed on two consecutive nights of visiting with friends). My chest hurts and there is some serious constriction when I breathe. Then the others in the family have been coughing. Utah Dad and I laid awake Sunday night, unable to sleep because of our own coughs, listening to the children cough in their bedrooms. It was incessant even though the humidifiers were on full blast and they had Vicks Vapor Rub smeared on their chests.

So, Monday morning after Neal (he started the bug with a cough and ear infection at the beginning of January but is better now) went to school, we packed up the rest of the crew and went to the doctor.

The diagnoses are in and are fairly gruesome.

I have a sinus infection and bronchitis. I'm taking amoxicillin now.

Utah Dad has a sinus infection. He is taking amoxicillin now.

Amberly has walking pneumonia. She is taking amoxicillin now.

Thomas and Lilly are coughing and have excessive green boogers. They are taking amoxicillin now.

Molly has an ear infection. She is taking amoxicillin now.

So now that we're all properly dosed with the pink stuff, we're hoping for some speedy recoveries.


Kate Weber said...

Haha, I wonder what the pharmacist thought, giving that much amoxicillin to one family. I hope you all get better soon!

Rheanna said...

I'm so sorry-that has to be awful-hopefully you will all have a speedy recovery!!!!!