Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Girls

There has been a baby boom in my ward/neighborhood this past year. In the last year there have been at least nineteen new babies born (I might have missed some and two have moved away since they were born). Only four were boys. By June of this year there will be seven more babies born (that I know of). They are all expecting girls (and one anxious mom is still waiting to find out). That is A LOT of girl babies.

Today I had the privilege of meeting and photographing the newest baby girl in our ward. Baby H is just 12 days old and she is gorgeous. Really. She is beautiful. Since my own baby girl is ten months old and growing up too quickly, I could not get enough of the chubby rolls on this newborn. I had to share a shot from our mini session this afternoon. I think you'll agree that she is so so so cute.

You can see more pictures of Baby H on Cindi Braby Photography Blog.

If you happen to live in my ward and you happen to have a baby less than a year old (who doesn't)--I would love to photograph him/her. I'm offering free mini-sessions that include a CD with 3-5 images from the session. If you're interested contact me to schedule a session.

When scheduling the session, consider the best times to photograph babies.

1. Newborns grow up so fast. The best time to capture the newborn stage is during the first three weeks.
2. It's really great to photograph babies when they can sit up but can't crawl away yet.
3. I especially like to capture babies at their first birthdays.
4. Anytime is a good time to photograph a baby.

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