Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crawlin' Molly

Molly is 11 months old today. She doesn't really crawl yet. She's still doing a modified army crawl/roll to get where she wants to go. But she's working on it.

Last night I heard Molly's frustrated cry and I discovered her half way through the tunnel. Her siblings were in bed so I knew that she had crawled in herself and wasn't just being tortured. I rescued her. This morning I heard the same discouraged cry and found her just inside the tunnel again. Her head was buried and she was ready to give up.

I got on the other end of the tunnel (with my camera and Thomas) and encouraged her to continue. She worked so hard--slowly moving forward. And she was so proud of herself.

P.S. She broke out in hives on Monday. I'm still not sure what caused them. She was covered from her head to her bum. Fortunately, the seem to have cleared up now.

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