Monday, February 3, 2014

Girl on the Golden Coin - Book Review and Give-away

From the cover :

"In 1660, the Restoration of Stuart Monarchy in England returns Frances Stuart and her family to favor. Frances discards threadbare gowns and goes to gilded Fontainebleau Palace, where she soon catches the Sun King’s eye. But Frances is no ordinary court beauty—she has Stuart secrets to keep and her family to protect. King Louis XIV turns vengeful when she rejects his offer to become his Official Mistress. He sends her to England with orders to seduce King Charles II and help him form an alliance with England. The Queen Mother likewise orders Frances to become her son's mistress, in the interest of luring him away from the Protestant mistress he currently keeps.

Armed in pearls and silk, Frances maneuvers the political turbulence of Whitehall Palace, but still can’t afford to stir a scandal, determined to keep her family from shame. Her tactic to inspire King Charles to greatness captivates him and the two embark on a tenuous relationship. Frances survives the Great Fire, the Great Plague, and the debauchery of the Restoration Court, yet loses her heart to the very king she must control. A startling discovery will leave her with no other choice but to break his heart, while the fate of England hangs in the balance.

In the tradition of Philippa Gregory, debut author Marci Jefferson brings to life a captivating woman whose beauty, compassion, and intellect impacted a king and a nation, in Girl on the Golden Coin."

My thoughts :

I really enjoy learning more about the European royal families. Girl on the Golden Coin by Marci Jefferson completely fulfilled my interest. While I have spent more time reading about King Henry VIII and the Elizabethan era, I found the study of the Restoration of the Stuart Monarchy equally fascinating. Frances Stuart is an especially intriguing character as she moves through the courts of the King of France and King of England with finesse and cunning. 

Marci Jefferson is an excellent new talent. She expertly captures the period while bringing Frances Stuart back to life and introducing us to a king and period not as fully explored. Frances captured my heart and I found myself fully hoping for her personal happiness. I was genuinely sad when I turned the final pages for I had become completely enraptured by the story and the lovely writing from Jefferson.

Content Warning : There were a few steamy scenes that might make you blush, though I was able to skip over them without losing too much of the general story. 

I am excited to be able to give away a copy of 
Girl on the Golden Coin by Marci Jefferson.

To enter : leave a comment on this post. The contest will be opened to entries until Friday, February 7th at 11:59 pm MST. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Saturday, February 8th. Open to US residents only.

**I received a complimentary copy of Girl on the Golden Coin in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.**


Yvonne said...

Okay, you have me interested. NOw I want to win.

Cami said...

Intriguing. I love the history of European monarchies. Thanks for the giveaway!

rhonda said...

Perfect book for me!

Marie said...

This sounds like the perfect book to escape into after a long day. What a beautiful cover! Thanks for the review, and the chance to win a copy.

Carl Scott said...

I think you're right, the Stuarts, although less well known that the Tudors are very interesting in their own right. I'd love to get a chance to read more about them, even in a fictional form. Thanks very much.

anna said...

I love books and I love history! Perfect.