Monday, February 25, 2013

Molly Grows Up

I have lovingly referred to Molly as my potty training nemesis. 
Since she is the youngest, I had grand schemes of potty training her earlier than the others and leaving the world of diapers behind forever.
 But Molly had other plans. 
She showed absolutely no interest in potty training when she was 2 1/2 years old. I was fine. I could wait. My other kids were close to 3 years old when they potty trained. Molly had other plans. She had absolutely no interest in potty training when she was 3 or when she was 3 1/2. Frustrated, but advised by those wiser than I, I decided to chill and just wait until she was ready.

And then in January, Molly decided to potty train herself. One morning she put on panties and she's only had a handful of accidents since. She still wears Pull-Ups at night (a new adventure for us--we've never had to use them before) but I think she'll be fine once this bag is finished. Celebration! 

Just in time too! Because not only is Molly's fourth birthday next month, but an opening in a coveted preschool just happened to open up this month. We're actually very sad about this because it means our dear friends have moved away. Sweetly, my friend arranged for Molly to take her daughter's spot.

So, Molly started going to preschool this morning.
It was going to be our first day with all five kids in school but Lilly woke up with a croupy cough last night and is home sick today. Figures.
Molly loved preschool. She loves her teacher already and even started talking before the end of the first day (to the delight of the other students who were wondering if she could talk). She's told me all about her class and her teacher and her teacher's dog.
We're so excited for Molly to have this chance to learn and grow. 
Can hardly believe my baby is so big already.

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Jandi said...

She has the cutest smile! I'm glad she is liking preschool. Does this mean you have 'no kid' time during the day now? ;)