Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No One Is Here Except All Of Us - Book Review

Magical. Lyrical. Mesmerizing. Haunting. Heartbreaking. Tender. Hopeful. Healing. Life.

How can I describe the unique and unforgettable novel No One Is Here Except All Of Us by Ramona Ausubel? Part fable. Part poetry. Part fairy tale. Ausubel takes the stories that she has heard from her grandmother since childhood and weaves them into a breathtaking and heart wrenching novel with characters that are vivid and alive in their human desires, aches and triumphs.

A remote Jewish village in Romania decides to create a new world for themselves as the Nazis and war threatens eminent danger. Constructing a society that cares for everyone in the village, they cut themselves off from the outside world and choose instead to believe that the world has started over. They alone exist. Having a strong faith and a stranger that is determined to protect them, they successfully live peacefully in their new world for several years. But the other world continues and the war that has taken over Europe will not leave them unmolested. As their faith in their new world is shattered they turn to hope.

Hope = Life.

A novel like No One Is Here Except All Of Us is a rare gift and Ramona Ausubel is a rare talent.

** I received a free copy of No One Is Here Except All Of Us in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received.

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