Sunday, December 5, 2010

Worst Family Photo Shoot Ever!

We haven't had a family photograph taken for years. YEARS! In fact, neither Lilly or Molly are in any of our family pictures. Isn't that pathetic? As a photographer, I think that is especially unforgivable.

I was determined this year to get a family picture taken. I'd been trying to arrange a shoot with my sister all fall. Most of the good times, I had already booked with my own clients. I was sure that we could get pictures during Thanksgiving. Then, it was way too cold.

I decided that today was going to be the family picture day. I didn't expect much. Just one good picture. I asked Kathryn, a darling young woman from our neighborhood/ward, to come with us after church and just snap a few pictures with my camera. I forced the kids to wear what I picked out for them. I made Neal wear a shirt with a collar--heaven forbid.

I thought it would be overcast today. While the rest of the Wasatch Front was covered by disgusting smog (we went up to SLC this evening so I know just how gross it was--eww, I can still taste it), our valley was sunny, bright and 50 degrees. The temperature was perfect for pictures, the light was not so great.

While I tried to figure out a way to get a picture in the bright light, my children and especially Utah Dad were whiny and not at all helpful. We did a few test shots in one area and the light was too bright but I was so irritated by my family, I decided to call it a day. Then it was my turn to complain. Poor Kathryn. She might avoid our family for awhile. She was helpful, awesome and cheerful the entire miserable time, by the way.

So, here's the mediocre picture of my grumpy family that we will be sharing with all our loved ones this Christmas season.

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Rheanna said...

Sometimes it's the not so perfect pictures that create the best memories :o) Sorry you had such a rough shoot! I think you all look cute!

Ammon and Jen said...

Ditto Rheanna. I think you look very pretty. Though you might be a bit disappointed, I think you are just used to the fabulous pictures that you take yourself. This is a better than normal picture for the rest of us not-so-talented in the photography department. I hope I get one!

wyattjenae said...

At least half of you hide your grumpiness well!

Momnerd said...

LOL, the curse of the photographer! Your family is still adorable, though.