Monday, July 26, 2010

More Good Times

Saturday afternoon we joined more family at Utah Dad's brother's home to celebrate the holiday. We enjoyed great company, amazing food and all the fun things to do. Their back yard is better than an amusement park.

Molly loved the trampoline.
Amberly and Neal stayed in the pool until it got dark enough for fireworks. They are water babies.
Utah Dad and his brother took a drive up the beautiful hills on the four-wheelers.
 The battery on my camera died before I could capture our trek up the hillside to watch the fireworks and then our own firework display in the road. Molly was so fascinated by the fireworks. She inched closer and closer until I grabbed her away.

We were so grateful for Mark and Lonnie's hospitality.

After all the fun times and late nights, I was exhausted. I've been battling a cold since I went to Vernal and it was so nice to spend Sunday relaxing. I'm rejuvenated now so let the good times continue . . .


Elaine said...

That slide looks like SO much fun!

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Booklogged said...

How far away does that brother live? And do you think he'll be amiable to shirt-tale relatives spending the next 3 weeks in his backyard?